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Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 10

Book Description

Learn Windows 10 visually with step-by-step instructions

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 10 is the visual learner's guide to the latest Windows upgrade. Completely updated to cover all the latest features, this book walks you step-by-step through over 150 essential Windows tasks. Using full color screen shots and clear instruction, you'll learn your way around the interface, set up user accounts, play media files, download photos from your camera, go online, set up email, and much more. You'll even learn how to customize Windows 10 to suit the way you work best, troubleshoot and repair common issues, and optimize system performance to take advantage of everything the operating system has to offer.

This guide has everything you need to know so you can take advantage of all Windows 10 has to offer.

  • Learn essential Windows tasks with step-by-step instructions

  • Customize Windows and optimize performance with simple tricks

  • Troubleshoot and repair applications, and perform basic system maintenance

  • Protect your files, manage media, create user accounts, and much more

  • If you are a visual learner, this guide is the easiest way to get up and running quickly. Patient pacing, plain-English instruction, and easy-to-follow screen shot-based tutorials show you everything you need to know every step of the way. If you want to get the most out of the latest Windows offering, Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 10 is the guide you need.

    Table of Contents

      1. Cover
      2. Chapter 1: Getting Started with Windows
        1. Explore the PC Screen
        2. Explore the Tablet Screen
        3. Put Windows to Sleep
        4. Restart or Shut Down Windows
        5. Connect to Your Wireless Network
        6. Switch to a Microsoft Account
        7. Install an App
        8. Start an App
        9. Switch Between Running Apps
        10. Update an App
        11. Uninstall an App
      3. Chapter 2: Customizing Windows
        1. Pin an App to the Start Menu
        2. Open the Settings App
        3. Change the Lock Screen Background
        4. Add an App to the Lock Screen
        5. Synchronize Settings Between PCs
        6. Access an App’s Features
        7. Pin an App to the Taskbar
        8. Adjust the Volume
        9. Set the Time Zone
        10. Configure Windows to Work with Multiple Monitors
        11. Customize the Taskbar’s Notification Area
        12. Set Up Multiple Desktops
      4. Chapter 3: Surfing the Web
        1. Open a Web Page
        2. Open a Web Page in a Tab
        3. Navigate Web Pages
        4. Find Text on a Page
        5. Navigate with the History List
        6. Change Your Startup Page
        7. Save Favorite Web Pages
        8. Take Advantage of the Favorites Bar
        9. Create Web Notes
        10. Search for Sites
        11. Download a File
      5. Chapter 4: Sending and Receiving Email
        1. Configure an Email Account
        2. Send an Email Message
        3. Format the Message Text
        4. Add a File Attachment
        5. Save a Draft of a Message
        6. Receive and Read Email Messages
        7. Reply to a Message
        8. Forward a Message
        9. Open and Save an Attachment
        10. Delete a Message
        11. Create a Folder for Saving Messages
        12. Configure Mail Options
      6. Chapter 5: Getting Social with Windows
        1. Create a Contact
        2. Add Your Google Account
        3. Add Your iCloud Account
        4. View a Contact
        5. Edit a Contact
        6. Assign a Photo to a Contact
        7. Add Extra Fields to a Contact
        8. Filter the Contacts List
        9. Link Multiple Profiles for a Contact
        10. View Your Calendar
        11. Add an Event to Your Calendar
        12. Create a Recurring Event
        13. Add an Event Reminder
        14. Send or Respond to an Event Invitation
        15. Customize Your Calendar
      7. Chapter 6: Performing Day-to-Day Tasks with Apps
        1. Search Your PC
        2. Configure the Cortana Voice Assistant
        3. Display a Location on a Map
        4. Get Directions to a Location
        5. Check Your Weather Forecast
        6. Check Another City’s Weather Forecast
        7. Perform Calculations
        8. Get the Latest News
        9. Track a Stock
        10. Follow Your Favorite Teams
        11. Find a Recipe
        12. Look Up Health Information
        13. Set an Alarm
        14. Write a Note
      8. Chapter 7: Working with Images
        1. Import Images from a Digital Camera
        2. Scan an Image
        3. Navigate the Pictures Library
        4. View Your Images
        5. Start a Slide Show
        6. Repair an Image
        7. Add a Photo Effect
        8. Crop an Image
        9. Rotate an Image
        10. Delete an Image
        11. Print an Image
        12. Take a Picture with Your PC Camera
      9. Chapter 8: Working with Multimedia
        1. Import Videos from a Digital Camera
        2. Navigate the Videos Library
        3. Watch a Video
        4. Play a Music CD
        5. Copy Tracks from a Music CD
        6. Navigate the Music Library
        7. Play Music
        8. Create a Playlist
        9. Switch Between PC Speakers and Headphones
      10. Chapter 9: Editing Documents
        1. Create and Save a Document
        2. Open a Document
        3. Change the Text Font
        4. Find Text
        5. Replace Text
        6. Insert Special Symbols
        7. Make a Copy of a Document
        8. Create a OneNote Notebook
        9. Add Pages and Sections to a Notebook
        10. Add Text Notes
        11. Add an Image to a Notebook Page
        12. Work with Notebook Lists
        13. Print a Document
      11. Chapter 10: Working with Files
        1. Select a File
        2. Change the File View
        3. Preview a File
        4. Copy a File
        5. Move a File
        6. Rename a File
        7. Create a New File
        8. Delete a File
        9. Restore a Deleted File
        10. Add a File to Your OneDrive
        11. Extract Files from a Compressed Folder
        12. Specify a Different Program When Opening a File
      12. Chapter 11: Sharing Your Computer
        1. Display User Accounts
        2. Create a User Account
        3. Switch Between Accounts
        4. Change Your User Account Picture
        5. Change a User’s Password
        6. Delete an Account
        7. Create a Homegroup
        8. Join a Homegroup
        9. Share a Document or Folder
        10. View Network Resources
      13. Chapter 12: Getting More from a Tablet PC
        1. Understanding Gestures
        2. Using Gestures to Control Windows
        3. Input Text with the Touch Keyboard
        4. Configure the Touch Keyboard
        5. Configure Your Tablet to Work with a Second Monitor
        6. Adjust Screen Brightness
        7. Monitor Battery Life
      14. Chapter 13: Implementing Security
        1. Understanding Windows Security
        2. Check for Security Problems
        3. Create a Picture Password
        4. Set Up a Fingerprint Sign-In
        5. Lock Your Computer
        6. Configure Your PC to Lock Automatically
        7. Browse the Web Privately
        8. Control Your Private Information
        9. Reset Your Computer to Preserve Privacy
      15. Chapter 14: Maintaining Windows
        1. Check Hard Drive Free Space
        2. Delete Unnecessary Files
        3. Refresh Your Computer
        4. Create a Recovery Drive
        5. Keep a History of Your Files
        6. Restore a File from Your History
        7. Check Your Hard Drive for Errors
        8. Check Your Devices for Errors
        9. Defragment Your Hard Drive on a Schedule
        10. Create a System Restore Point
        11. Apply a System Restore Point
      16. End User License Agreement