Teach Yourself VISUALLY Samsung Galaxy S6

Book description

Your visual guide to unlocking the full potential of the Samsung Galaxy

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Samsung Galaxy is your step-by-step, visual guide to everything your new phone has to offer. With expert guidance from veteran technology author Guy Hart-Davis, it offers clear, concise instructions and pages of full-color screenshots that make it easy to learn how to fully utilize the Galaxy's latest features and capabilities from initial set-up to staying in touch, organizing your life, playing games, watching media, and more!

  • Configure and get your phone set up just the way you want it

  • Text, e-mail, use social networking, and take pictures easily

  • Get access to the Internet, maps, and navigation in a snap

  • Download apps and sync your Galaxy S6 with other devices

  • Your new Samsung Galaxy can streamline your life and keep you organized — all with the touch of a finger. Make the most of the experience with Teach Yourself VISUALLY Samsung Galaxy!

    Table of contents

      1. Cover
      2. Chapter 1: Getting Started with Your Galaxy S6
        1. Meet the Galaxy S6’s Hardware and Controls
        2. Perform the Initial Setup Routine
        3. Connect to a Wireless Network
        4. Explore the User Interface and Launch Apps
        5. Using Multi Window
        6. Navigate with Gestures
        7. Using the Notification Panel
        8. Download and Install Samsung Smart Switch
        9. Copy Files from Your Computer
        10. Using the Galaxy S6 Edge
      3. Chapter 2: Customizing Your Galaxy S6
        1. Find the Settings That You Need
        2. Customize the Quick Settings
        3. Choose Which Notifications to Receive
        4. Configure Do Not Disturb
        5. Choose Volume and Sound Settings
        6. Set Screen Brightness and Wallpaper
        7. Choose Location Access Settings
        8. Secure Your Galaxy S6 with Smart Lock
        9. Encrypt Your Galaxy S6
        10. Choose Language and Input Settings
        11. Customize the Home Screens
        12. Customize the Lock Screen
        13. Set Up Sleep and Daydream
      4. Chapter 3: Working with Text and Voice
        1. Using the On-Screen Keyboard and Continuous Input
        2. Work with Different Keyboards
        3. Edit Text and Use Cut, Copy, and Paste
        4. Using Voice Input and Voice Recorder
        5. Using S Voice
        6. Set Up Accessibility Features
        7. Using Galaxy TalkBack
      5. Chapter 4: Setting Up Communications
        1. Set Up Your E-Mail Accounts in the Gmail App
        2. Choose Essential Settings for Gmail
        3. Remove an E-Mail Account
        4. Set Up Your Signatures
        5. Set Up and Use Priority Inbox
        6. Choose Which Contacts to Display
        7. Import Your Contacts into the Contacts App
        8. Choose S Planner Notifications and Reminders
        9. Choose Week and Time Zone Settings
      6. Chapter 5: Networking and Communicating
        1. Control Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular Access
        2. Connect Bluetooth Devices
        3. Control Data Roaming and Cellular Usage
        4. Connect to a Wi-Fi Direct Device
        5. Using USB Tethering
        6. Using Mobile Hotspot
        7. Manage Your Wireless Networks
        8. Log In to Wi-Fi Hotspots
        9. Transfer Data Using Android Beam
        10. Make Payments with Tap and Pay
      7. Chapter 6: Phoning, Messaging, and Social Networking
        1. Make Phone Calls
        2. Make a Conference Call
        3. Call Using Call Logs and Frequently Contacted
        4. Send and Receive Instant Messages
        5. Manage Your Instant Messages
        6. Set Up Google+
        7. Navigate Google+
        8. Using Facebook and Twitter
      8. Chapter 7: Working with Apps
        1. Switch Quickly from One App to Another
        2. Pin a Window to the Screen
        3. Find and Download Apps from Google Play
        4. Update Your Apps
        5. Remove an App
        6. Choose Which Apps to Update Automatically
        7. Install an App Manually
        8. Understanding the Galaxy Apps
      9. Chapter 8: Browsing the Web and E-Mailing
        1. Browse the Web
        2. Create Bookmarks for Web Pages
        3. Using Bookmarks, Saved Pages, and History
        4. Search for Information
        5. Fill in Forms Using Auto Fill
        6. Tighten Up Your Browsing Privacy Settings
        7. Read Your E-Mail Messages with Gmail
        8. Reply to or Forward a Message with Gmail
        9. Write and Send E-Mail Messages with Gmail
        10. Send and Receive Files with Gmail
        11. Label and Archive Your Messages with Gmail
        12. Browse by Label and Search with Gmail
      10. Chapter 9: Taking and Using Photos and Videos
        1. Take Photos with the Camera App
        2. Using Zoom, Manual Focus, and Tracking Auto-Focus
        3. Using Selective Focus
        4. Using the Flash and HDR Mode
        5. Using Pro Mode
        6. Take Panoramic Photos
        7. Choose Settings for Taking Photos
        8. Edit Your Photos
        9. Capture Video
        10. View Your Photos and Videos
        11. Share Your Photos and Videos
      11. Chapter 10: Navigating, Working, and Productivity
        1. Find Your Location and Display Different Layers
        2. Get Directions
        3. Rotate, Zoom, and Tilt the Map
        4. Make a Map Available Offline
        5. Explore with Street View
        6. Explore the Clock App
        7. Explore Other Included Apps
        8. Set Up Private Mode
        9. Using Private Mode
        10. Connect to a Work Network via VPN
        11. Connect to Exchange Server
        12. Install Credentials
      12. Chapter 11: Playing Music and Videos
        1. Play Music with the Music App
        2. Adjust the Sound with the SoundAlive Equalizer
        3. Create a Playlist
        4. Customize the Audio Settings for Your Headset
        5. Play Music Through Other Devices
        6. Watch Videos
        7. Using the Pop-Up Video Player
      13. Chapter 12: Troubleshooting Your Galaxy S6
        1. Close an App That Has Stopped Responding
        2. Update Your Galaxy S6’s Software
        3. Extend the Runtime on the Battery
        4. Using Ultra Power Saving Mode
        5. Reset Your App Preferences
        6. Check Free Space and Clear Extra Space
        7. Back Up and Restore Online
        8. Back Up Your Data with Smart Switch
        9. Restore Your Data with Smart Switch
        10. Reset Your Galaxy S6 to Factory Settings
        11. Troubleshoot Wireless Network Connections
        12. Locate or Wipe Your Missing Galaxy S6
      14. End User License Agreement

    Product information

    • Title: Teach Yourself VISUALLY Samsung Galaxy S6
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: August 2015
    • Publisher(s): Visual
    • ISBN: 9781119113492