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Teach Yourself VISUALLY Android Phones and Tablets, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Experience all your Android device has to offer!

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Android Phones and Tablets, 2nd Edition is the perfect resource if you are a visual learner who wants to master the ins and outs of the Android operating system. With step-by-step instructions driven by targeted, easy-to-understand graphics, this informative book shines a light on the features, functions, and quirks of the Android OS—and shows you how to use them. With the guidance provided by this easy to follow resource, you will quickly access, download, and enjoy books, apps, music, and video content, as well as photos, emails, and other forms of media, right from your phone or tablet! This book is perfect for Android users at beginner to intermediate levels.

The Android operating system is graphics intensive, which is why a visual guide is the best way to navigate your Android device. Now that the Android OS is available on both phones and tablets, you can maximize the productivity and convenience of your devices by mastering the features, functions, and quirks of this operating system.

  • Explore the latest Android features and functions

  • Peruse full-color illustrations that walk you, step-by-step, through instructions for using the Android operating system

  • Discover how to access, download, and enjoy multimedia content

  • Sync your Android devices to maximize their capabilities

  • Teach Yourself VISUALLY Android Phones and Tablets, 2nd Edition is the top resource for visual learners wanting to further explore the capabilities of Android devices.

    Table of Contents

      1. Cover
      2. Chapter 1: Getting Started with Android
        1. Discover the Types of Android Devices
        2. Meet Your Device’s Controls
        3. Perform the Initial Setup for Your Device
        4. Connect to a Wireless Network
        5. Download and Install Companion Software
        6. Transfer Files from Your PC to Your Device
        7. Transfer Files from Your Mac to Your Device
        8. Explore the User Interface and Launch Apps
        9. Understanding Skinned Versions of Android
        10. Navigate with Gestures
        11. Work with Notifications
        12. Using Google Now
      3. Chapter 2: Customizing Your Phone or Tablet
        1. Find the Settings You Need
        2. Choose Which Notifications to Receive
        3. Configure Interruptions and Downtime
        4. Choose Volume and Sound Settings
        5. Set Display Brightness and Wallpaper
        6. Choose Location Access Settings
        7. Secure Your Phone or Tablet with a PIN
        8. Encrypt Your Phone or Tablet for Security
        9. Choose Language and Input Settings
        10. Customize the Home Screens
        11. Set Up Sleep and Daydream
        12. Install Credentials
      4. Chapter 3: Sharing Your Device with Others
        1. Using Screen Pinning
        2. Using Guest Mode
        3. Add a User to Your Phone or Tablet
        4. Create a Restricted Profile on a Tablet
        5. Switch Users on a Multiuser Device
        6. Configure or Remove a User Account
      5. Chapter 4: Working with Text, Voice, and Accessibility
        1. Using the On-Screen Keyboard and Gesture Typing
        2. Edit Text and Use Cut, Copy, and Paste
        3. Give Commands with Voice Actions
        4. Dictate Text into Apps
        5. Gather Information with Voice Search
        6. Set Up Accessibility Features
        7. Using TalkBack and Explore by Touch
      6. Chapter 5: Setting Up Communications
        1. Set Up Your E-Mail Accounts
        2. Choose Settings in Gmail
        3. Remove an E-Mail Account
        4. Set Up and Use Priority Inbox
        5. Choose Which Contacts to Display
        6. Import Your Contacts into the Contacts App
        7. Choose Calendar Notifications and Reminders
        8. Choose Week and Time Zone Settings
      7. Chapter 6: Networking and Communicating
        1. Control Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular Access
        2. Connect Bluetooth Devices
        3. Control Data Roaming and Cellular Usage
        4. Connect Your Device to a Different Carrier
        5. Connect to Your Work Network via VPN
        6. Using the Tethering Feature
        7. Using the Portable Hotspot Feature
        8. Manage Your Wireless Networks
        9. Log In to Wi-Fi Hotspots
        10. Transfer Data Using Android Beam
        11. Make Payments with NFC
      8. Chapter 7: Phoning, Messaging, and Social Networking
        1. Make Phone Calls
        2. Make Phone Calls with a Headset
        3. Make a Conference Call
        4. Call with Speed Dial, Recents, and History
        5. Send and Receive Instant Messages with Hangouts
        6. Manage Your Hangouts and Instant Messages
        7. Using Video Chat with Hangouts
        8. Install and Use Skype
        9. Set Up Google+
        10. Navigate Google+
        11. Navigate Facebook
        12. Send Tweets
      9. Chapter 8: Working with Apps
        1. Run Apps and Switch Quickly Among Them
        2. Explore Google Play and Download Apps
        3. Update Your Apps
        4. Remove Apps You No Longer Need
        5. Choose Which Apps to Update Automatically
        6. Move Apps to the SD Card
        7. Manually Install an App
      10. Chapter 9: Browsing the Web and E-Mailing
        1. Browse the Web
        2. Using Bookmarks, Most Visited, and Other Devices
        3. Create Bookmarks for Web Pages
        4. Configure Your Default Search Engine
        5. Fill In Forms Using Autofill
        6. Tighten Up Your Browsing Privacy Settings
        7. Navigate in the Gmail App
        8. Read Your E-Mail Messages
        9. Reply to or Forward an E-Mail Message
        10. Label and Archive Your Messages
        11. Write and Send E-Mail Messages
        12. View Files Attached to Incoming Messages
        13. Browse by Labels and Search for Messages
      11. Chapter 10: Taking and Using Photos and Videos
        1. Take Photos with the Camera App
        2. Using Zoom and Manual Focus
        3. Using the Flash and the HDR Feature
        4. Take Panorama, Photo Sphere, and Lens Blur Photos
        5. Choose Settings for Photos and Videos
        6. Edit Your Photos
        7. Capture Video
        8. Share Your Photos and Videos
      12. Chapter 11: Using Maps, Clock, Play Music, and Videos
        1. Find Your Location with the Maps App
        2. Find Directions with the Maps App
        3. Rotate, Zoom, and Tilt the Map
        4. Make a Map Available Offline
        5. Explore with Street View
        6. Share a Location with Others
        7. Using the Clock App
        8. Copy Your Music and Videos to Your Device
        9. Play Music
        10. Adjust the Sound with the Equalizer
        11. Create a Playlist
        12. Customize the Music Settings
        13. Watch Videos
        14. Find Videos on YouTube
        15. Watch, Rate, and Flag YouTube Videos
      13. Chapter 12: Troubleshooting Your Device
        1. Close an App That Has Stopped Responding
        2. Update Your Device’s Software
        3. Extend the Runtime on the Battery
        4. Reset Your App Preferences
        5. Check Free Space and Clear Extra Space
        6. Back Up Your Phone or Tablet Online
        7. Back Up and Restore with a Computer
        8. Restore Your Device to Factory Settings
        9. Troubleshoot Charging Problems
        10. Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Connections
      14. End User License Agreement