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Teach Yourself VISUALLY MacBook, 4th Edition

Book Description

The visual learner’s ultimate guide to the MacBook and macOS High Sierra

Teach Yourself VISUALLY MacBook is your ultimate guide to getting up and running quickly with your new MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air! Whether you’re new to computers or transitioning from a PC, this graphics-heavy guide will show you everything you need to know to get the most out of your new laptop. Clear, step-by-step instructions walk you through each task, with screenshots that help you follow along with confidence. You’ll learn how to manage files, work with macOS software, organize photos and media, set up email, access the internet, and adjust settings and preferences to make your MacBook work the way you work. You’ll also explore the features that bring computing to a whole new level, including iCloud, FaceTime, the App Store, and so much more!

The Mac has long inspired a legion of loyal fans, and you’re about to find out why. From sleek design to intuitive interface, to an OS that just works, Apple has cornered the market on the high-end computing experience. The MacBook makes sublime computing portable, and this book shows you how to take advantage of all that your MacBook has to offer. 

  • Get acquainted with the latest macOS version and its new features
  • Perform everyday tasks quickly and easily
  • Customize preferences and settings to suit your needs
  • Download new apps, video chat, save to the cloud, and much more!

No confusing tech-speak, no vague instructions, and no complex tangents into obscure tasks. This friendly guide is packed with screenshots, easy-to-follow instructions, and a practical sensibility; you’re not launching the space shuttle, you just want to open your email. If you’re ready to explore all that your MacBook can do, Teach Yourself VISUALLY MacBook is your ideal companion.

Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Title Page
    3. Chapter 1: Getting Started with Your MacBook
      1. Understanding the MacBook Models
      2. Set Up Your MacBook
      3. Start Your MacBook and Log In
      4. Explore the macOS Desktop
      5. Point and Click with the Trackpad
      6. Connect to a Wireless Network
      7. Give Commands
      8. Open, Close, and Manage Windows
      9. Using Notifications
      10. Put Your MacBook to Sleep and Wake It Up
      11. Log Out, Shut Down, and Resume
    4. Chapter 2: Configuring Your MacBook
      1. Change the Desktop Background
      2. Set Up a Screen Saver
      3. Configure Energy Saver and Sleep Settings
      4. Customize the Dock
      5. Add or Remove Desktop Spaces
      6. Create Hot Corners to Control Screen Display
      7. Make the Screen Easier to See
      8. Configure the Keyboard
      9. Configure the Trackpad or Other Pointing Device
      10. Configure iCloud Settings
      11. Add a Second Display
      12. Using an Apple TV and HDTV as an Extra Display
      13. Set Up Your Social Networking Accounts
      14. Connect External Devices
      15. Explore Other Important Settings
    5. Chapter 3: Sharing Your MacBook with Others
      1. Create a User Account
      2. Configure Your MacBook for Multiple Users
      3. Share Your MacBook with Fast User Switching
      4. Turn On Parental Controls for an Account
      5. Control What Apps a User Can Run
      6. Limit Website Access for a User
      7. Set Store Restrictions and Time Limits
      8. Choose Privacy Restrictions for a User
      9. Apply Other Restrictions to a User
      10. Review a User’s Actions
    6. Chapter 4: Running Apps
      1. Open an App and Quit It
      2. Install an App from the App Store
      3. Install an App from a Disc or the Internet
      4. Run an App Full Screen
      5. Run Apps at Login
      6. Using Split View
      7. Switch Quickly Among Apps
      8. Switch Apps Using Mission Control
      9. Set Up Dictation and Speech
      10. Using Dictation and Speech
      11. Configure and Invoke Siri
      12. Perform Tasks with Siri
      13. Remove Apps
      14. Identify Problem Apps
      15. Force a Crashed App to Quit
      16. Revert to an Earlier Version of a Document
      17. Using Dashboard
      18. Configure Dashboard
    7. Chapter 5: Managing Your Files and Folders
      1. Understanding Where to Store Files
      2. Using the Finder’s Views
      3. Work with Finder Tabs
      4. View a File with Quick Look
      5. Search for a File or Folder
      6. Control Which Folders Spotlight Searches
      7. Create a New Folder
      8. Copy a File
      9. Move a File
      10. Rename a File or Folder
      11. View the Information About a File or Folder
      12. Organize Your Files with Tags
      13. Compress Files
      14. Using the Trash
      15. Customize the Finder Toolbar
      16. Customize the Sidebar
      17. Configure Finder Preferences
    8. Chapter 6: Surfing the Web
      1. Open a Web Page
      2. Follow a Link to a Web Page
      3. Open Several Web Pages at Once
      4. Navigate Among Web Pages
      5. Return to a Recently Visited Page
      6. Play Music and Videos on the Web
      7. Change Your Home Page
      8. Create Bookmarks for Web Pages
      9. Using Reader View and Reading List
      10. Find Interesting Web Pages
      11. Download a File
      12. Configure Safari for Security and Privacy
    9. Chapter 7: Sending and Receiving E-Mail
      1. Set Up Your E-Mail Accounts
      2. Send an E-Mail Message
      3. Send an E-Mail Message Using Stationery
      4. Receive and Read Your Messages
      5. Reply To a Message
      6. Forward a Message
      7. Send a File via E-Mail
      8. Receive a File via E-Mail
      9. View E-Mail Messages by Conversations
      10. Reduce the Amount of Spam You Receive
    10. Chapter 8: Chatting and Calling
      1. Set Up Messages and Choose Preferences
      2. Chat with a Buddy
      3. Send and Receive Files with Messages
      4. Sign In to FaceTime and Set Preferences
      5. Make and Receive FaceTime Calls
      6. Configure and Use Handoff with Your iPhone
    11. Chapter 9: Organizing Your Life
      1. Navigate the Calendar App
      2. Create a New Calendar
      3. Create an Event
      4. Share an iCloud Calendar with Other People
      5. Subscribe to a Shared Calendar
      6. Add Someone to Your Contacts
      7. Change a Contact’s Information
      8. Organize Contacts into Groups
      9. Create Notes
      10. Track Your Commitments with Reminders
      11. Get Directions
      12. Explore with 3D Flyovers in Maps
    12. Chapter 10: Enjoying Music, Video, and Books
      1. Add Your Music to iTunes
      2. Set Up Home Sharing
      3. Buy Songs Online
      4. Play Songs
      5. Play Videos
      6. Create Playlists
      7. Create Smart Playlists
      8. Listen to Apple Radio and Internet Radio
      9. Enjoy Podcasts
      10. Read Books
    13. Chapter 11: Making the Most of Your Photos
      1. Import Photos
      2. Browse Your Photos
      3. Select Photos from Bursts
      4. Crop a Photo
      5. Rotate or Straighten a Photo
      6. Remove Red-Eye
      7. Improve a Photo’s Colors
      8. Add Filters to Photos
      9. Create Photo Albums
      10. Create and Play Slide Shows
      11. Identify People in Photos
      12. E-Mail a Photo
      13. Take Photos or Movies of Yourself
    14. Chapter 12: Networking and Protecting Your MacBook
      1. Transfer Files Using AirDrop
      2. Connect to a Shared Folder
      3. Share a Folder
      4. Connect to a Shared or Network Printer
      5. Share Your MacBook’s Printer
      6. Connect Remotely via Back to My Mac
      7. Turn Off Automatic Login
      8. Enable and Configure the Firewall
      9. Choose Privacy Settings
      10. Install and Use Antivirus Software
      11. Recognize and Avoid Phishing Attacks
    15. Chapter 13: Troubleshooting Your MacBook
      1. Using the macOS Help System
      2. Reclaim Space by Emptying the Trash
      3. Keep Your MacBook Current with Updates
      4. Control Checking for Software Updates
      5. Back Up Your Files
      6. Recover Files from Backup
      7. Recover When macOS Crashes
      8. Troubleshoot Corrupt Preference Files
      9. Run First Aid from Within macOS
      10. Run First Aid from macOS Utilities
      11. Reinstall macOS to Solve Severe Problems
    16. End User License Agreement