Networking, Security, and Troubleshooting

macOS enables you to share files, printers, and scanners across networks. To keep your MacBook running well, you need to use macOS’s security features and perform basic maintenance, such as emptying the Trash and updating both macOS and your apps with the latest fixes. You may also need to troubleshoot your MacBook.


Transfer Files Using AirDrop

Connect to a Shared Folder

Share a Folder

Connect to a Shared or Network Printer

Turn Off Automatic Login

Enable and Configure the Firewall

Choose Privacy Settings

Reclaim Space by Emptying the Trash

Keep Your MacBook Current with Updates

Control Checking for Software and App Updates

Back Up Your Files

Recover Files from Backup

Recover When macOS Crashes

Troubleshoot Corrupt Preference Files

Recover, Restore, or Reinstall macOS

Transfer Files Using AirDrop

macOS’s AirDrop feature enables you to transfer files easily via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi between your MacBook and nearby Macs, iPads, or iOS devices. Activating AirDrop in a Finder window shows you available Macs and iOS devices, and you can drag a file to the Mac or iOS device to which you want to send it. Similarly, nearby Macs and iOS devices can send files to your MacBook via AirDrop, and you can decide whether to accept or reject each file.

Transfer Files Using AirDrop

Send a File via AirDrop

Click Finder () on the Dock.

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