Worksheet Basics

Add a Worksheet

By default, when you create a new blank workbook in Excel, it contains one worksheet, which is often all you need. In some cases, however, your workbook might require additional worksheets. For example, if your workbook contains data about products your company sells, you might want to add worksheets related to the product data, such as calculations, data analysis, charts, or PivotTables.

When you add a new worksheet, Excel gives it a default name. To help you better keep track of your data, you can rename your new worksheet. For more information, see the next section, “Rename a Worksheet.”

Add a Worksheet

Snapshot of adding a worksheet.

001.eps Click the New Sheet button (9781119893516-ma158).

dga.eps You can also right-click a worksheet tab, click Insert to open the Insert dialog box, click Worksheet, and then click OK.

Snapshot of excel adds a blank worksheet.

dgb.eps Excel adds a new blank worksheet and gives it a default worksheet name.

Rename a ...

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