Getting Ready to Create Websites

In this chapter, you get ready to create your website or websites. You learn the essentials of how the Web works and the technologies that power it, plan your website, and install the apps you will need to create the website. You also get a domain name and web hosting if you do not already have them.

A window page of visual studio code depicts the download options for windows.

Grasp How the Web Works

Understanding HTML, CSS, and Responsive Web Design

Understanding Static and Dynamic Web Pages

What Is a Responsive Website?

Understanding Tools for Creating Web Pages

Prepare to Create Your Website

Install Visual Studio Code

Meet and Configure Visual Studio Code

Install GIMP

Install the Major Browsers

Create a Folder Structure for Your Website

Grasp How the Web Works

The World Wide Web, nowadays usually just called the Web, consists of a vast number of websites accessible through the Internet using a web browser. Each website contains one or more web pages — usually, many more. Each web page is identified by a unique address called a Uniform Resource Locator, or URL. To request a web page, the user enters its URL in a web browser app, either by typing the URL or by clicking a link. The web server hosting the website transmits the requested page to the browser, which displays the contents for the user to view.

What Is a Web Page?

A web page is a digital document that is accessed through the Web using a web browser ...

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