Start and Exit Outlook 2007

Starting Outlook 2007 is a simple matter of selecting the program from the Windows Start menu.

In addition to accessing Outlook from the Start menu, you can also launch it from the desktop, assuming you opted to place a shortcut to the program there.

Start and Exit Outlook 2007

Click the Start button. The Start menu opens.
If the Outlook 2007 icon does not appear in the left pane, click All Programs. Alternatively, if the Outlook 2007 menu item appears in the left pane, click it to start the program. The All Programs pane opens.
Click Microsoft Office.
Click Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. Outlook launches.
To exit the program, first click File.
Click Exit. Note: Another way to exit Outlook is to click the Close button () in the upper-right corner of the screen. Outlook closes. ...

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