Chapter 6. Painting and Drawing with Color

Painting and Drawing with Color

You can add splashes, streaks, or solid areas of color to your image. Photoshop offers a variety of tools with which you can add almost any color imaginable. This chapter introduces you to those tools and shows you how to choose your colors.

  • Select the Foreground and Background Colors

  • Select a Color with the Eyedropper Tool

  • Select a Color with the Swatches Panel

  • Using the Brush Tool

  • Change Brush Styles

  • Create a Custom Brush

  • Apply a Gradient

  • Using the Paint Bucket Tool

  • Fill a Selection

  • Stroke a Selection

  • Using the Clone Stamp

  • Using the Pattern Stamp

  • Using the Healing Brush

  • Using the Patch Tool

  • Using the History Brush

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