Chapter 7. Adjusting Colors

Adjusting Colors

You can fine-tune the colors in your image — darken them, lighten them, or remove them completely. This chapter introduces the tools that do the trick.

  • Change Brightness and Contrast

  • Using the Dodge and Burn Tools

  • Using the Blur and Sharpen Tools

  • Adjust Levels

  • Adjust Hue and Saturation

  • Using the Sponge Tool

  • Adjust Color Balance

  • Using the Variations Command

  • Match Colors between Images

  • Correct Shadows and Highlights

  • Create a Duotone

  • Convert to Black and White

  • Adjust Vibrance

Change Brightness and Contrast

The Brightness/Contrast command provides a simple way to adjust the highlights and shadows in your image.

To change the brightness or ...

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