Chapter 9. Playing and Creating Digital Video

Mac OS X comes with the tools you need to play movies and digital video as well as to create your own digital video movies. Using the iMovie application that comes with the iLife suite, you can import camcorder video, apply scene transitions, add titles, credits, and a soundtrack, and even export your movie to a DVD.

Playing and Creating Digital Video
  • Play a DVD Using DVD Player 192

  • Play Digital Video with QuickTime Player 194

  • Create a New Movie Project 196

  • Import a Video File 198

  • Add Video Clips to Your Project 200

  • Trim a Clip 202

  • Add a Transition Between Clips 204

  • Add a Photo 206

  • Add a Music Track 208

  • Record a Voiceover 210

  • Add Titles and Credits ...

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