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Teach Yourself VISUALLY™ iPhoto® '09

Book Description

A step-by-step visual guide to using all aspects of the iPhoto application

iPhoto does a lot more than just allow you to crop your photos and fix red-eye! Packed with full-color illustrations and designed for those who learn best when they see how things are done, Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhoto helps you take advantage of all the things iPhoto can do.

Easy, step-by-step instructions in the highly successful Visual format show you how to enhance your photos, create photo books and greeting cards, organize your photo library, and even create Web galleries. You'll learn to retrieve photos from your iPhone, camera, or card reader; retouch scans of old photos; add special effects; print your pictures; and more with iPhoto.

  • Written by an expert videographer and digital video specialist whose experience includes national commercials, news and TV shows, and sports videography

  • Designed for visual learners, with full-color illustrations showing how to accomplish each task

  • Shows you how to navigate the iPhoto interface, set preferences, and import photos from cell phones, digital cameras, card readers, or scanners

  • Demonstrates how to retouch photos, fix amateur mistakes, enhance photos with effects, and create slideshows, photo books, calendars, and greeting cards

  • Covers creating online galleries, e-mailing photos, burning DVDs, and making prints

If you prefer instructions that show you how rather than tell you why, Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhoto is the easiest way to make the most of iPhoto.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Praise for Visual Books
  3. Credits
  4. About the Author
  5. Author's Acknowledgments
  6. Getting Started with iPhoto
    1. Understanding iPhoto
    2. Check Out the Features in iPhoto
    3. Streamline the iPhoto Workflow
    4. Start iPhoto for the First Time
    5. Explore the iPhoto Preferences
    6. Using the iPhoto Interface
  7. Bringing Photos into iPhoto
    1. Understanding the iPhoto Import Process
    2. Understanding File Formats
    3. Connect a Digital Camera, Card Reader, and the iPhone to Your Computer
    4. Import from a Digital Camera, Card Reader, and the iPhone
    5. Import from Your Hard Drive, CDs, DVDs, and Flash Drives
    6. Import Photos from Web Pages
    7. Move Photos from iPhoto to Photoshop
  8. Organizing Your Photos
    1. Explore the iPhoto Source List
    2. Modify Autosplit into Events
    3. Split Events
    4. Merge Events
    5. Create a Custom Event
    6. Move Photos Between Events
    7. Name Photos Using Faces
    8. Confirm Names with Faces
    9. Add Locations Using Places
    10. Explore Photos Using Places
    11. Create a Photo Album
    12. Create a Smart Album
    13. Merge Albums
    14. Back Up the iPhoto Library with Time Machine
    15. Create a New iPhoto Library
  9. Logging and Searching for Photos
    1. Using Photo Information
    2. Access and Edit Photo Information
    3. Edit Photo Information for a Group of Photos
    4. Flag Photos
    5. Assign Keywords
    6. Using Keyboard Shortcuts for Keyword Favorites
    7. Rate Photos
    8. Locate Photos by Text
    9. Look for Photos by Date
    10. Search for Photos by Keyword
    11. Locate Photos by Rating
    12. Sort Events
  10. Viewing Photos
    1. Change the Event View
    2. View and Navigate Photos at Full-Screen
    3. Perform Full-Screen Photo Comparisons
    4. Zoom In and Out of Photos
    5. Change the Look of Viewing Areas
    6. Add a Reflection Below Events
    7. Set a Photo as Your Desktop Wallpaper
    8. Using a Group of Photos as Desktop Wallpaper
  11. Basic Image Editing
    1. Explore Edit View
    2. Edit in Full Screen
    3. Rotate Photos
    4. Straighten Photos
    5. Crop to Enhance Your Photos
    6. Prepare Photos for Use in iMovie
    7. Retouch a Photo
    8. Using the Enhance Button
    9. Reduce Red-Eye
  12. Enhancing Your Photos
    1. Tour of the Adjust Window
    2. Understanding the Histogram
    3. Adjust Exposure and Contrast
    4. Adjust Highlights and Shadows
    5. Balance the Colors
    6. Enhance Colors
    7. Apply Effects to a Photo
    8. Adjust Sharpness
    9. Reduce Noise
    10. Work with RAW Files
    11. Access Advanced RAW Format Options
  13. Showcasing Your Photos
    1. Create a Temporary Slideshow
    2. Create a Saved Slideshow
    3. Add iTunes Music to a Slideshow
    4. View Saved Slideshow Settings
    5. Using the Ken Burns Effect
    6. Create Effects with Duplicate Photos
    7. Make Photos into a QuickTime Movie
    8. Burn a CD or DVD of Photo Projects
  14. Sharing Photos Online
    1. Prepare Photos for Web Display
    2. Publish Albums to a MobileMe Gallery
    3. Subscribe to Published Photo Albums
    4. Export Photos to iWeb
    5. Publish Photos to Facebook
    6. Share Photos on Flickr
    7. E-Mail Photos
    8. Share Photos Across a Network
  15. Making Prints and Exporting Photos
    1. Explore Prints
    2. Print Photos
    3. Explore Customize Print Options
    4. Check Out the iPhoto Export Options
    5. Crop a Photo in a Print Project
    6. Print a Photo Multiple Times on a Page
    7. Print a Contact Sheet
    8. Order Professional Prints
    9. Create a Photo DVD in iDVD
    10. Convert File Format and Change Photo Dimensions upon Export
    11. Export a Slideshow to an iPod
  16. Creating Photo Books
    1. Plan a Photo Book
    2. Create a Photo Book
    3. Adjust Photos in a Book
    4. Rearrange Photos in a Photo Book
    5. Move a Photo to a Different Page
    6. Add Photos to the Photo Browser
    7. Edit the Book Layout
    8. Add a New Book Page
    9. Change the Appearance of Text
    10. Change Default Text Settings
    11. Add a Map to a Book
    12. Create Direction Lines on a Map
    13. Order a Photo Book
  17. Creating Photo Calendars and Cards
    1. Create a Calendar
    2. Change Calendar Months
    3. Change the Appearance of Calendar Text
    4. Change Default Text Settings for a Calendar
    5. Move a Photo to a Different Calendar Page
    6. Rearrange Photos in a Calendar
    7. Customize Photos on Dates
    8. Adjust Photos in a Calendar
    9. Edit the Calendar Layout
    10. Import Dates from Your iCal Calendar
    11. Order Your Photo Calendar
    12. Create a Greeting Card and Post Card
    13. Add Text to a Card
    14. Adjust Photos in a Card
    15. Order Your Cards
  18. Memory Cards and Storage
    1. Memory Cards and Memory Card Readers
    2. Using Memory Cards Properly
    3. External Hard Drives for Storage
    4. Types of External Hard Drives
    5. Understanding Travel Essentials
  19. Index