Chapter 5. Image-Editing Basics

Are you ready to start working with images? This chapter shows you how to fine-tune your workspace to best arrange your open images. You also discover how to change the on-screen image size, set a print size, and change the print resolution.

Image-Editing Basics
  • Manage Open Images. 88

  • Magnify with the Zoom Tool. 92

  • Adjust the Image View. 94

  • Change the Image Size. 96

  • Change the Image Print Size. 98

  • Change the Image Resolution. 100

  • Change the Image Canvas Size. 102

  • Crop an Image. 104

  • Rotate an Image. 106

  • Undo Changes to an Image. 108

  • Revert an Image. 109

Manage Open Images

Each image you open in Photoshop Elements appears in its own window. Tabs at ...

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