Chapter 1. Getting Started with Your iMac

Getting Started with Your iMac

The iMac is a beautifully designed computer and comes with the powerful, easy-to-use Mac OS X operating system. In just a few minutes, you can set up your iMac and begin using it. This chapter shows you how to get started with your iMac, use the Mac OS X interface, and connect extra devices to the iMac.

Set Up Your iMac 4

Start Your iMac and Log In 6

Connect Your iMac to the Internet 8

Connect Your iMac to a Wired Network 10

Connect Your iMac to a Wireless Network 12

Connect a Printer to Your iMac 14

Connect an iPod or iPhone to Your iMac 16

Connect External Drives to Your iMac 18

Give Commands from the Menus and ...

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