Teaching Ethics Across the Management Curriculum

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The chief executive officer (CEO) of a corporation and his or her executive team are responsible for the management of the business and its continued operating and financial
success. The CEO and executive team are almost always highly compensated and the relative total compensation has mushroomed over time. Most of the compensation now is designed to be performance-based, but leading to charges that executives have incentives to manipulate corporate earnings and stock price in the short-term for their own self interests. The compensation at some companies became so egregious that compensation again became a major public policy issue subject to federal regulation.
Executive Compensation focuses on the major topics related to executive compensation—present, past, and future. First, is understanding what executive compensation is, including composition and objectives of pay contracts. Second, how do specific compensation agreements affect corporate behavior and performance? Third, what are the major components, including how and what are accounted for and disclosed? How is compensation, especially executive compensation, accounted for—that is, what are the calculations and journal entries required? Fourth, what does historical analysis tell us about the topic, especially how contractual decisions have been made and what has worked. Finally, what is in store for the future—both expected compensation agreements and what the compensation incentives suggest for future corporate decisions on operations and accounting manipulation.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. TitlePage
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. Chapter 1 Teaching Ethics Across the Management Curriculum
    1. Kemi Ogunyemi
  7. Module 1: Making Decisions
    1. Chapter 2 Teaching Ethics in Business Policy (Strategy) Courses
      1. Michael E. Cafferky
    2. Chapter 3 Ethical Foundations for Organizational Decision Making at the Operational and Strategic Levels
      1. Thomas G. Pittz and Melissa Cast
    3. Chapter 4 Ethics and Agency Theory in Management
      1. Unsal Sigri and Umit Ercan
  8. Module 2: Money Matters
    1. Chapter 5 Embedding Ethics and Social Responsibility in Management Accounting Courses
      1. Jan Bell, Cathleen S. Burns, and Donna R. Sockell
    2. Chapter 6 Ethical Dimensions in the Teaching of Economics and the Tradition of Critical Political Economy
      1. Patrick O’Sullivan
  9. Module 3: On the Shop Floor
    1. Chapter 7 Teaching Ethics in Operations Management
      1. Arnd Huchzermeier, Eva Kohl, and Stefan Spinler
    2. Chapter 8 Teaching Ethics in Supply Chain Management
      1. Gerald Burch, Walter Kendall, and Joanna Shaw
    3. Chapter 9 Teaching Ethics in Decision Making: Embedding Moral Reasoning in the Management of Information Systems
      1. Olayinka David-West
  10. Module 4: Selling the Product
    1. Chapter 10 Embedding Ethical Issues in Marketing Management Classes: An Instructor’s Guide
      1. Uchenna Uzo
    2. Chapter 11 Incorporating Ethics in Teaching Consumer Behavior: An Educational Strategy Based on Principles for Responsible Management Education
      1. Consuelo Garcia-de-la-Torre, Gloria Camacho, and Osmar Arandia
  11. Module 5: People Management and Soft Skills
    1. Chapter 12 Teaching Ethics in Human Resources Management
      1. Silke Bustamante
    2. Chapter 13 Teaching Ethics in Career Management
      1. Olusegun Babalola and Ifedapo Adeleye
    3. Chapter 14 Ethics in Negotiation
      1. Barney Jordan and David Venter
    4. Chapter 15 Ethics in Managing Corporate Power and Politics
      1. Duane Windsor
    5. Chapter 16 Ethical Dimensions of Community and Investor Relations Communication and Governance for Sustainable Management
      1. Judith Y. Weisinger and Edward L. Quevedo
    6. Chapter 17 Future of Ethics Education in Management Curricula
      1. Emeka Enwere and Uchenna Uzo
  12. Chapter Summaries
  13. About the Authors
  14. Index
  15. Adpage
  16. Backcover

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  • Title: Teaching Ethics Across the Management Curriculum
  • Author(s): Kemi Ogunyemi
  • Release date: December 2014
  • Publisher(s): Business Expert Press
  • ISBN: 9781606497951