A/D line. See advance-decline line

AA (Alcoa Corporation)

daily bar chart, 210

daily candlestick chart, 212

line chart of daily closing prices, 207

stock price data in tabular form, 203

weekly bar chart, 211

AAPL (Apple Computer)

alpha calculation, 518

gaps and classic patterns, 368–370

ABC (American Bread Company), 63

absolute breadth index, 144–145

Aby, Carroll, 339

academic criticisms of technical analysis

behavioral finance, 49–50

EMH (Efficient Markets Hypothesis)

arbitrage and price equilibrium, 47–48

economic theory of competitive markets, 41–42

explained, 40–41

new information, 42–46

origins and development, 41

rationality of investors, 46–47

explained, 33–34

pragmatic criticisms, 50–51

RWH (Random Walk Hypothesis)

drawdowns ...

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