Technical Analysis Trading Methods and Techniques (Collection)

Book Description

Three indispensable books reveal little-known technical and psychological techniques for outperforming the market — and beating the traders you’re up against!

Three remarkable books help you leverage powerful, little-known insights from technical analysis and behavioral economics to consistently outperform the market! In George Lindsay and the Art of Technical Analysis, Ed Carlson resurrects the nearly-forgotten technical analysis techniques created by the eccentric genius who called the beginning and end of history’s greatest bull market, within days! Carlson reveals why George Lindsay’s techniques are especially valuable right now, demonstrates their power visually, simply, and intuitively – and shows how to make the most of them without strong mathematical expertise. Next, Mastering Market Timing combines the powerful, long-proven technical analysis methods of Richard D. Wyckoff with the world-renowned analysis of Lowry Research -- sharing deep new price/volume insights you can use to uncover emerging trends faster, even if you’re entirely new to technical analysis. Finally, in Trade the Trader, Quint Tatro focuses on the real zero-sum nature of trading, helping you understand the traders you’re up against, anticipate their moves, outwit them – and beat them!

From world-renowned investing and trading expertsEd Carlson, Richard A. Dickson, Tracy L. Knudsen,andQuint Tatro

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. George Lindsay and the Art of Technical Analysis
    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Contents
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. About the Author
    6. Introduction
    7. Part I. Biography and “The Other History”
      1. Chapter 1. Biography
      2. Chapter 2. The Other History
    8. Part II. Three Peaks and a Domed House
      1. Chapter 3. The Phenomenon
      2. Chapter 4. Three Peaks
      3. Chapter 5. A Domed House
      4. Chapter 6. The Tri-Day Method
    9. Part III. The Lindsay Timing Model
      1. Chapter 7. Overview of the Lindsay Timing Model
      2. Chapter 8. Key Dates
      3. Chapter 9. The Low-Low-High Count
      4. Chapter 10. Combining the Counts
    10. Part IV. The Counts
      1. Chapter 11. Long-Term Cycles and Intervals
      2. Chapter 12. Basic Movements
      3. Chapter 13. Counts from the Middle Section
      4. Chapter 14. Case Study: The 1960s
    11. Glossary
    12. Financial Times Press
    13. Index
  3. Mastering Market Timing
    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Dedication Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. About the Authors
    8. Foreword
    9. Introduction
    10. Part I: A Wyckoff-Lowry Analysis of Major Market Tops and Bottoms Since 1968
    11. 1. Richard D. Wyckoff and Lyman M. Lowry: The Analysts and Their Methods
    12. 2. How Major Market Tops Form: Part I, The Preliminaries
    13. 3. How Major Market Tops Form: Part II, The End Game
    14. 4. How Major Market Bottoms Form: Part I, Panic and Capitulation
    15. 5. How Major Market Bottoms Form: Part II, Accumulation and Breakout
    16. Part II: Combining a Wyckoff-Lowry Analysis with Other Tools for Timing Major Market Tops and Bottoms
    17. 6. Building a Cause: How R. D. Wyckoff Uses Point and Figure Charts to Establish Price Targets
    18. 7. Identifying Major Market Top and Bottoms: Other Tools to Consider
    19. 8. The Curious Case of the 2000-2001 Market Top and Demise of the Secular Bull Market
    20. 9. A Wyckoff/Lowry Analysis of the 2000 Market Top
    21. 10. Where Are We Now?
    22. 11. Putting It All Together
    23. Index
    24. Financial Times Press
  4. Trade the Trader
    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Contents
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. About the Author
    6. Chapter 1. I’m Trading Against You
    7. Chapter 2. My Story
    8. Chapter 3. It’s All Opportunity
    9. Chapter 4. The Other Traders
    10. Chapter 5. Finding Your Edge
    11. Chapter 6. Timing the Entry
    12. Chapter 7. Trend Lines
    13. Chapter 8. The Basics Are Not Enough
    14. Chapter 9. Pick Your Time Frame
    15. Chapter 10. Developing Your Plan
    16. Chapter 11. Determining Entry Points
    17. Chapter 12. Setting Stops
    18. Chapter 13. How to Trade the Trader
    19. Chapter 14. Using and Controlling Risk to Your Advantage
    20. Chapter 15. Taking Gains
    21. Chapter 16. Reviewing the Entire Plan
    22. Chapter 17. It’s a Head Game
    23. Chapter 18. Dealing with the Emotions
    24. Chapter 19. Following the Trend
    25. Chapter 20. The Blowup
    26. Index

Product Information

  • Title: Technical Analysis Trading Methods and Techniques (Collection)
  • Author(s): Quint Tatro, Tracy L. Knudsen, Richard A. Dickson, Ed Carlson
  • Release date: December 2011
  • Publisher(s): PH Professional Business
  • ISBN: 9780132938549