Frosting Plexiglas® Windows with Beer andEpsom Salts

Curtis Hardison


One easy way to treat Plexiglas® windows so that they appear to have been frosted by the cold is with a mixture of beer and epsom salts. This method is quick and much less laborious than sanding the Plexiglas® with sandpaper. The beer acts as a medium and as a binder for the epsom salts. After the beer has evaporated, the salts remain on the Plexiglas®, giving it a frosted appearance.


1. Mix the beer and epsom salts. A 2:l mix of beer to salts seems to work well, though an increase in the amount of salts will result in a heavier frost.

2. Sponge the mixture onto the Plexiglas®. The Plexiglas® needs to be clean and laid flat to prevent the mixture from running before ...

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