Victoria Peterson

Door Vises for Edge Mortising


When a design called for ten swinging doors, the vises described below (common in the construction industry) enabled us to hold the doors on edge securely while quickly mortising them for hinges and strike plates. The vises’ operation principle is simple: the weight of a door laid on edge on the ledger strip (G in the illustration below) activates a clamping action that holds the door firmly between movable jaw F and fixed jaw C as illustrated in Figure 1.


One 2′−0″-long 2×4: base A

Two 1′−7½″-long; 1×4s nailing strip B: fixed jaw C

Two 1′−7½″-long 2×4s: movable jaw F and movable jaw support E

One 3½″-long 1×4; ledger strip G

Four 3½″-long pieces of ⅛″ × ½″ steel ...

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