Mark Shanda

An Ethafoam® Rod Splitter


One of the most versatile scenic, property, and costume construction products currently used in our industry is Ethafoam® rod. Uses for Ethafoam® rod are as numerous as the variety of designs presented onstage. Uses at Ohio State have included the crown piece for a dragon head, ½″ half-round moulding at the top of a Masonite® baseboard, ¼″ leading for a prop stained-glass window, and simulated carvings on some chair backs. Available in diameter sizes from ¼″ to 2″ and beyond from both theatrical and commercial building suppliers, Ethafoam® has certainly proved its usefulness.

One problem often encountered when working with Ethafoam® is the need to split the round rod into half-rounds and quarter-rounds. ...

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