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Technical Investment Analysis of the Stock Market

Video Description

Technical analysis is often misunderstood and rarely appreciated as an art form. Through this new video series, author Quint Tatro, portfolio manager of the Tatro Capital Tactical Appreciation Fund (TCTNX) and author of Trade the Trader, takes you into the world of technical analysis through an educational process by reviewing the current market environment with actionable opportunities.

New videos will be added frequently, so check back in for more, current market analysis.

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Quint Tatrois the portfolio manager of the Tatro Capital Tactical Appreciation Fund (TCTNX) (http://www.TCFunds.com) and President of Tatro Capital, LLC (http://www.tatrocapital.com). Quint is a frequent contributor on CNBC, Forbes.com, Minyanville.com, StockTwits, Financial Sense, and Tickerville.com. He recently published Trade the Traderwith FT Press.