Technical careers require technical mathematics (technical math). That's why we wrote Technical Math For Dummies. Whether you're currently working in a technical trade or studying in school, you have probably made the discovery that most jobs require some math.

Most parts of technical math are simple. You may think some parts are hard, but look closer. After you read them, you'll hit your forehead with the heel of your palm and say, "Yes! Of course! I sorta knew that all along, but now I really get it!" We think we've filled a gap in the world of math guides, and we hope you enjoy the book.

About This Book

This book is a reference. It's also a repair manual that can help you fill voids you may have in your math background. It's different from other math books in three major ways:

  • It's all about practical math. You won't find anything about symplectic geometry or sigma-algebra here. Our focus is on math for technical careers — it looks at problems you may deal with every day and the math skills you need to handle them. But we also include general principles when necessary.

  • It's comprehensive. It covers all major math concepts; other math books are about individual concepts (for example, algebra, geometry or trigonometry).

  • It's not dull (we hope) as other math books often are. One of us (Barry) is a long-time technical writer, and he's written far too many deadly dull user manuals. That nonsense stops here. Because it's a For Dummies book, you can be sure it's easy to read ...

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