Appendix G. Tutorial on IMCTUNE Software


  • Provide an introduction to IMCTUNE software.

  • Describe the tfn and tcf commands for MATLAB that are provided in IMCTUNE to assist in IMC controller selection and to facilitate transfer function analysis.


IMCTUNE facilitates the design and tuning of the following types of controllers with or without model uncertainty.

  • 1DF IMC controllers

  • 2DF IMC controllers

  • MSF IMC controllers

  • 1DF and 2DF PID controllers

  • IMC and PID Feedforward and Cascade controllers

The IMCTUNE software package is a collection of MATLAB m-files that can be downloaded from It requires MATLAB 5.3 or higher, and the Control System and Optimization Toolboxes. The software can also compute and display ...

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