APPENDIX I:Truck Diagrams

A series of television production truck diagrams are included to show the variety of trucks and the types of equipment available in each truck.



•  Sony 7350 36-input, 3-M/E switcher

•  Sony DME-7000 DVE (dual channel) and single channel Abekas A-53D

•  5-rack monitor wall with 40 – 9” black & white monitors, 8 – 9” color monitors and 3 – 13” color monitors.

•  Chyron Infinit

•  060 processor, 128 MB Expanded Memory, third channel mix. Transform, 1.1GB hard drive, 230 MB Bernoulli drive, 2 GB Jaz drive, 250 Mb Zip drive, Intelligent Interface and video capture

•  Dual channel Abekas A42 still store (600 fields) ...

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