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Ten Minute Guide to Excel 97

Book Description

The 10 Minute Guide to Excel 97 offers simple, practical help for busy people who need fast results. Through goal-oriented, 10-minute lessons, you'll learn all the essential tasks for creating powerful worksheets. 10 minutes is all you'll need to create and customize your own toolbar; enter different types of dat: numbers, dates, times, and more; create and save workbook files; add columns, rows, headers, and footers; perform calculations with formulas and functions; use styles to format cells; add cell borders and shading; and save Excel data in/on the Internet or an intranet.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. We'd Like to Hear from You!
  3. Introduction
    1. What Can You Do?
    2. Welcome to the 10 Minute Guide to Excel 97
    3. Who Should Use the 10 Minute Guide to Excel 97?
    4. How to Use This Book
    5. Icons and Conventions Used in This Book
    6. Installing Excel 97
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Starting and Exiting Excel
    1. Starting Excel
    2. A Look at the Excel Screen
    3. Exiting Excel
  6. Examining the Excel Window
    1. Parts of the Excel Window
      1. Moving from Worksheet to Worksheet
      2. Moving Within a Worksheet
      3. Scrolling Through a Worksheet with the IntelliMouse
    2. Changing the View of Your Worksheet
      1. Magnifying and Reducing the Worksheet View
      2. Freezing Column and Row Headings
    3. Splitting Worksheets
    4. Hiding Workbooks, Worksheets, Columns, and Rows
  7. Using Excel's Toolbars
    1. Using the Toolbars
    2. Turning Toolbars On and Off
    3. Moving Toolbars
    4. Customizing the Toolbars
      1. Creating Your Own Toolbar
  8. Getting Help
    1. What Kind of Help Is Available?
    2. Asking the Office Assistant for Help
      1. Turning the Office Assistant On or Off
      2. Kinds of Help
      3. Asking the Office Assistant a Question
    3. Using the Excel Help Topics
      1. The Contents Tab
      2. The Index Tab
      3. The Find Tab
    4. Managing Help Topics You've Located
    5. Getting Help with Screen Elements
  9. Entering Different Types of Data
    1. The Data Types
    2. Entering Text
      1. Entering Column and Row Headings
      2. Adding Comments to Cells
    3. Entering Numbers
    4. Entering Dates and Times
    5. Copying Entries Quickly
    6. Entering a Series with AutoFill
      1. Entering a Custom Series
    7. Entering the Same Data Over and Over with AutoComplete
  10. Editing Entries
    1. Editing Data
      1. Checking Your Spelling
      2. Using AutoCorrect to Correct Spelling Mistakes
    2. Undoing an Action
    3. Selecting Cells
    4. Copying Data
      1. Using Drag and Drop
    5. Moving Data
    6. Deleting Data
    7. Finding and Replacing Data
  11. Creating and Saving Workbook Files
    1. Creating a New Workbook
    2. Saving and Naming a Workbook
    3. Saving a Workbook Under a New Name
  12. Opening and Closing Workbook Files
    1. Opening an Existing Workbook
    2. Finding a Workbook File
    3. Moving Among Open Workbooks
    4. Closing Workbooks
  13. Working with Worksheets
    1. Selecting Worksheets
    2. Inserting Worksheets
    3. Deleting Worksheets
    4. Moving and Copying Worksheets
      1. Moving a Worksheet Within a Workbook by Dragging and Dropping
      2. Moving a Worksheet Between Workbooks by Dragging and Dropping
    5. Changing Worksheet Tab Names
  14. Working with Ranges
    1. What Is a Range?
    2. Selecting a Range
    3. Naming Cells and Cell Ranges
  15. Printing Your Workbook
    1. Changing the Page Setup
    2. Previewing a Print Job
    3. Printing Your Workbook
  16. Printing Large Worksheets
    1. Selecting a Print Area
    2. Adjusting Page Breaks
    3. Printing Column and Row Headings
    4. Adding Headers and Footers
    5. Scaling a Worksheet to Fit on a Page
  17. Inserting and Removing Cells, Rows, and Columns
    1. Inserting Cells
    2. Merging Cells
    3. Removing Cells
    4. Inserting Rows and Columns
    5. Removing Rows and Columns
  18. Performing Calculations with Formulas
    1. What Is a Formula?
    2. Order of Operations
    3. Entering Formulas
      1. Calculating Results Without Entering a Formula
    4. Displaying Formulas
    5. Editing Formulas
  19. Copying Formulas and Recalculating
    1. Copying Formulas
    2. Using Relative and Absolute Cell Addresses
    3. Changing the Calculation Setting
  20. Performing Calculations with Functions
    1. What Are Functions?
    2. Using AutoSum
    3. Using AutoCalculate
    4. Using the Function Wizard
  21. Changing How Numbers Look
    1. Formatting Values
    2. Using the Style Buttons to Format Numbers
    3. Creating Your Own Custom Format
  22. Giving Your Text a New Look
    1. How You Can Make Text Look Different
    2. Using the Format Cells Dialog Box
    3. Changing Text Attributes with Toolbar Buttons
    4. Aligning Text in Cells
  23. Adding Cell Borders and Shading
    1. Adding Borders to Cells
    2. Adding Shading to Cells
    3. Using AutoFormat
    4. Copying Formats with Format Painter
    5. Applying Conditional Formatting
  24. Changing Column Width and Row Height
    1. Adjusting Column Width and Row Height with a Mouse
    2. Using the Format Menu for Precise Control
  25. Excel and the Internet
    1. Saving a Worksheet in HTML Format
    2. Adding Hyperlinks to a Worksheet
  26. Creating Charts
    1. Chart Types
    2. Charting Terminology
    3. Creating a Chart
    4. Customizing Your Chart with the Chart Toolbar
    5. Saving Charts
    6. Printing a Chart
  27. Enhancing Charts
    1. Selecting a Chart Part
    2. Changing the Chart Type
    3. Adding a Title and a Legend
    4. Formatting Text and Numbers
    5. Enhancing the Chart Area
  28. More Ways to Enhance Charts
    1. Changing the Gridlines
      1. Changing the Gridline Display
      2. Changing the Start and Stop Values
      3. Changing the Category Axis
    2. Changing the Perspective of 3-D Charts
    3. Selecting Data Series Options
    4. Changing Data Series Values
  29. Working with a Database
    1. Database Basics
    2. Planning a Database
    3. Creating a Database
    4. Using Data Forms to Add, Edit, or Delete Records
  30. Finding and Sorting Data in a Database
    1. Finding Data with a Data Form
    2. Sorting Data in a Database
    3. Narrowing Your List with AutoFilter
  31. Adding Graphics and Other Objects to Worksheets
    1. Working with Graphic Objects
    2. Inserting Clip Art
    3. Inserting Your Own Clip Art, Video Clips, or Sound Clips
    4. Drawing Your Own Pictures