Closing a Database

When you finish working with a database, you should close it. When you finish using Access, just exit the program (see Lesson 3), and the database closes along with the program. However, if you want to close the database and then open another, do any of the following to close a database:

  • Double-click the Control-menu icon (in the top-left corner) for the database (see Figure 6.2).

  • Click the database window's Close (X) button (the top right corner).

  • Select File, Close.

  • Press Ctrl+F4.

  • Press Ctrl+W.

Can't I Have More Than One Database Open?

Sure, you can. In fact, you may want several open, so you can transfer data between them. However, if your computer is short on memory (less than 16 megabytes), you'll find that Access runs ...

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