How to do it...

We proceed with the recipe as follows:

  1. Import a few standard modules and define the TensorFlow cluster where the computation is run. Then start a server for a specific task
import tensorflow as tfimport sysimport time# cluster specificationparameter_servers = ["pc-01:2222"]workers = [ "pc-02:2222","pc-03:2222","pc-04:2222"]cluster = tf.train.ClusterSpec({"ps":parameter_servers, "worker":workers})# input"job_name", "", "Either 'ps' or 'worker'")"task_index", 0, "Index of task within the job")FLAGS = start a server for a specific taskserver = tf.train.Server(  cluster,  job_name=FLAGS.job_name,  task_index=FLAGS.task_index)
  1. Read MNIST data and define ...

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