Chapter 8. How to Use Terraform as a Team

As you’ve been reading this book and working through the code samples, you’ve most likely been working by yourself. In the real world, you’ll most likely be working as part of a team, which introduces a number of new challenges. You may need to find a way to convince your team to use Terraform and other infrastructure as code (IAC) tools. You may need to deal with multiple people concurrently trying to understand, use, and modify the Terraform code you write. And you may need to figure out how to fit Terraform into the rest of your tech stack and make it a part of your company’s workflow.

In this chapter, I’ll dive into the key processes you need to put in place to make Terraform and IAC work for your team:

  • Adopting infrastructure as code in your team

  • A workflow for deploying application code

  • A workflow for deploying infrastructure code

  • Putting it all together

Let’s go through these topics one at a time.

Example Code

As a reminder, you can find all of the code examples in the book at

Adopting IaC in Your Team

If your team is used to managing all of your infrastructure by hand, switching to infrastructure as code requires more than just introducing a new tool or technology. It also requires changing the culture and processes of the team. Changing culture and process is a significant undertaking, especially at larger companies. Because every team’s culture and process ...

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