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Bala Paranj, Test Driven Development in Ruby, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2638-4_7

7. Gilded Rose

Bala Paranj

(1)Atlanta, Georgia, USA

In this chapter, we will work on the Gilded Rose kata to focus on refactoring a legacy code base to add a new feature. We will follow Kent Beck’s guideline for making a desired change.

For each desired change, make the change easy (warning: this may be hard), then make the easy change.

—Kent Beck

Kent Beck’s guideline is at a strategic level. How do we go about making the code easy to change? To answer that question, we need a plan at the tactical level that fits into the higher level strategy. We need a list of concrete things to look for in the code, and we need to apply the refactorings in the right ...

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