Code Smells and Refactoring

This exercise asks us to refactor the Stock class and extract all the moving average related calculations into a new class.

The following is the code that we start with:

def get_crossover_signal(self, on_date): NUM_DAYS = self.LONG_TERM_TIMESPAN + 1 closing_price_list = \ self.history.get_closing_price_list(on_date, NUM_DAYS) if len(closing_price_list) < NUM_DAYS: return StockSignal.neutral long_term_series = \ closing_price_list[-self.LONG_TERM_TIMESPAN:] prev_long_term_series = \ closing_price_list[-self.LONG_TERM_TIMESPAN-1:-1] short_term_series = \ closing_price_list[-self.SHORT_TERM_TIMESPAN:] prev_short_term_series = \ closing_price_list[-self.SHORT_TERM_TIMESPAN-1:-1] long_term_ma = sum([update.value for update ...

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