Setup and teardown

Let us take a look at the tests that we have done so far:

 def test_price_of_a_new_stock_class_should_be_None(self): stock = Stock("GOOG") self.assertIsNone(stock.price) def test_stock_update(self): """An update should set the price on the stock object We will be using the `datetime` module for the timestamp """ goog = Stock("GOOG") goog.update(datetime(2014, 2, 12), price=10) self.assertEqual(10, goog.price) def test_negative_price_should_throw_ValueError(self): goog = Stock("GOOG") with self.assertRaises(ValueError): goog.update(datetime(2014, 2, 13), -1) def test_stock_price_should_give_the_latest_price(self): goog = Stock("GOOG") goog.update(datetime(2014, 2, 12), price=10) goog.update(datetime(2014, 2, 13), price=8.4) self.assertAlmostEqual(8.4, ...

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