Making Higher-Order Components

In the abstract, a higher-order component is defined as any function that takes a component and returns another component. Typically, the component returned by the HOC function is a wrapper around the original component that adds functionality. Here’s a simple example:

const​ BindProps = (Component, boundProps) => {
 const​ ComponentWithBoundProps = props => (
<Component ​{​...props​}​ ​{​...boundProps​}​ />
  ComponentWithBoundProps.displayName =
`BindProps(​${Component.displayName ||}​)`​;
 return​ ComponentWithBoundProps;
const​ CarouselWithTestAttr = BindProps(Carousel, {
 'data-test-id'​: ​'carousel'​,

The BindProps HOC takes two arguments, a component ...

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