Using Bookmarks

Like all good web browsers, Konqueror supports saved web site links known as bookmarks. Bookmarks, also known as Favorites to those who use Internet Explorer, make it easy to revisit your favorite web sites with the single click. In Konqueror, bookmarks can be used for web sites, FTP sites, or even a directory on your hard drive.

Adding a Bookmark

To bookmark a page you're currently viewing, simply select Bookmarks Add Bookmark from the drop-down menu. The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl-B, and there is also a right-click context menu option called Bookmark This Location. Once you create a new bookmark, open the Bookmark menu once again, and you will see the new bookmark at the bottom of the list. By default, new bookmarks are also displayed on the Bookmark toolbar. In Konqueror, this is the toolbar directly below the Location field, and it is probably already populated with several links to Mandrakesoft.

Managing Bookmarks

You've probably bookmarked dozens of web sites you visit regularly, and even more sites that you find of occasional interest and don't want to forget how to get there. But your bookmarks, some of which have very obscure names, can quickly become difficult to navigate if you don't apply some sort of organization scheme to them. Konqueror has a very useful bookmark manager feature to help with this task. To organize your list of bookmarks, select Bookmarks Edit Bookmarks to open the bookmark manager.

Since Konqueror just appends new bookmark entries to ...

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