Enhancing UI Automation

The developer community around UI Automation is small but growing. Here are a few tools that you can learn from and that fit well within this book’s scope.

Writing Tests with Tuneup JS

Tuneup JS is one of the original test frameworks for UI Automation, developed by Alex Vollmer.[17] I mentioned it back in Choosing the Tools that Work, when we started to organize our test-script code. It comes with robust assertions like this test that checks the state of the whole screen:

test(​"Check the whole window"​, ​function​(target, app) {
navigationBar: {
leftButton: { name: ​"Back"​ },
rightButton: { name: ​"Done"​ }
tableViews: [
cells: [
{ name: ​"Fred Flintstone"​ }

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