Chapter 14. Database Tests

Why Read This Chapter?

All Web-based data access applications require database servers. To effectively plan for database testing and the analysis of database-related errors, it is useful to understand key database technology concepts, how Web server components interact with the database components, and other testing issues.


This chapter offers an introduction to database components, application- database interaction, data warehouses, and data marts. Technical terms and examples that are useful in improving test planning and bug-report communication are also discussed. Databases play an important role in Web application technology. They house the content that Web applications manage—fulfilling user requests for data storage and record queries. Understanding how databases operate within Web applications is essential to effective database testing. Databases are repositories that are organized in such a way that makes it easy to manage and update the data they contain. One of the database technologies commonly used in Web-based applications is the relational database. Relational databases are tabular databases that can be easily reorganized and queried. Additionally, in a Web environment, the term distributed database is used to refer to databases that are dispersed over multiple ...

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