Chapter 20. Testing Mobile Web Applications

Why Read This Chapter?

In this chapter, we go beyond the concept of mobile Web applications presented in Chapter 6, "Mobile Web Application Platform." The objective here is to offer you the experience-based information that you can use in the development of test strategies, test plans, and test cases for mobile Web applications.


The problems discovered and the strategies used in testing Web-based and client-server applications will continue to apply in testing mobile Web applications. In addition, there will be a series of new issues and strategies for you to take into consideration due to the fact that the mobile platform is a different environment, especially on the client-side. In this chapter, we will contrast testing mobile with desktop applications, pointing out many restrictions on a typical mobile client that cause a new host of problems. We will discuss the various types of tests in the context of mobile application testing, testing with emulators, a survey of testing support tools, and a few lessons learned.

Testing Mobile versus Desktop Web Applications

As discussed in Chapter 6, the main difference between a mobile and desktop client is that, in the mobile case, the Web content is interpreted by a Web browser ...

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