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Testing ASP.NET Web Applications

Book Description

A unique resource that combines all aspects of Web testing and makes it completely specific to ASP.NET

As Microsoft's key Web technology for creating dynamic, data-driven Web sites and Web applications, ASP.NET is incredibly popular. This is the first book to combine several testing topics and make them specific to ASP.NET. The author duo of Microsoft MVPs covers both the test-driven development approach and the specifics of automated user interface testing; performance, load, and stress testing; accessibility testing; and security testing.

This definitive guide walks you through the many testing pitfalls you might experience when developing ASP.NET applications. The authors explain the fundamental concepts of testing and demystify all the correct actions you need to consider and the tools that are available so that you may successfully text your application.

  • Author duo of Microsoft MVPs offer a unique resource: a combination of several testing topics and making them specific to ASP.NET, Microsoft's key Web technology for creating dynamic, data-driven Web sites and applications

  • Guides you through the many testing pitfalls you may experience when developing ASP.NET applications

  • Reviews the fundamental concepts of testing and walks you through the various tools and techniques available and for successfully testing an application

  • Discusses several different types of testing: acceptance, stress, accessibility, and security

  • Examines various testing tools, such as nUnit, VS test suite, WCAT, Selenium, Fiddler, Firebug, and more

This one-of-a-kind resource will help you become proficient in successfull application testing.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Dedication
  3. About the Authors
  4. Credits
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction
  7. Preliminary Concerns
    1. The History of Testing Tools
    2. Testing Terminology
    3. Testing Myths
    4. Iterative Processes
    5. Why Should I Learn about Testing?
    6. Where to Start
    7. When Should Testing Be Automated?
    8. Introducing the ASP.NET Family
    9. Summary
  8. Design and Testability
    1. Why Should a Developer Care about Testing?
    2. Developer Testing
    3. Unit Testing
    4. Unit Testing Frameworks
    5. Design and Test Driven Development
    6. How to Cope with Design Changes
    7. Summary
  9. Unit Testing and Test Driven Development
    1. ASP.NET WebForms
    2. Unit Testing ASP.NET WebForms
    3. The Model View Controller Pattern
    4. Implementing the Pizza Store
  10. Integration Testing
    1. Integration Tests versus Unit Tests
    2. External Systems
    3. Summary
  11. Automated User Interface Testing
    1. Can UI Automation Be Achieved?
    2. Functional Testing
    3. Importance of Automated UI Testing
    4. Problems with UI Automation
    5. Tools for UI Testing
    6. Automating the UI Using Record and Playback
    7. UI Testing Patterns
    8. Automating the UI as an Object Model
    9. More WatiN Examples
    10. Common WatiN Errors
    11. Testing JavaScript
    12. Automating Cross-Browser Tests
    13. How Much Should We Automate?
    14. Applying Automated UI Testing to the ASP.NET Family
    15. Summary
  12. Acceptance Testing
    1. Acceptance Testing Terminology
    2. Summary
  13. Manual Testing
    1. Why Is Manual Testing Important?
    2. Part Automation
    3. Beyond Simply Breaking the Application
    4. Breaking the Application
    5. Useful Tools for Manual Testing
    6. Cross-Browser Testing
    7. Testing JavaScript
    8. Manual Test Cases
    9. Summary
  14. Performance Testing
    1. Performance Testing Basics
    2. The Importance of Performance Testing
    3. Capturing Performance Requirements
    4. Capacity Planning
    5. Load Testing Patterns
    6. Performance Testing in the Cloud
    7. Tools for Load Testing
    8. Summary
  15. Accessibility Testing
    1. Accessibility Myths
    2. The Importance of Accessibility Testing
    3. Introduction to Disabilities
    4. Creating Accessible Sites
    5. Accessibility Standards
    6. Testing for Accessibility
    7. Tools for Accessibility Testing
    8. Assistive Technology
    9. Tools to Help Check Accessibility
    10. Toolbars
    11. Applying Accessibility Testing to the ASP.NET Family
    12. Summary
  16. Security Testing
    1. Security Terms
    2. The Importance of Security Testing
    3. The Trouble with Security Testing
    4. Compliance and Policy Laws
    5. Security Guidance
    6. Vulnerability Assessments
    7. Tools
    8. Exploit Resources
    9. Summary
  17. Index