9.1. Accessibility Myths

Creating accessible web applications is a difficult task, and the way many compliance laws are worded does not help matters. Throughout the years, I have heard many developers discussing their experience with accessibility in a very negative way. It is from these conversations that other developers overhear, that accessibility myths are born. It is my intention that putting some of these myths to rest will help you feel more comfortable about creating and testing web applications for accessibility.

9.1.1. Creating Accessible Sites Takes More Time

The most common myth about creating accessible web applications is that it takes a great deal of time (and therefore has an increased cost) to conform to the standards that are in place to ensure that web applications are accessible. In most cases this is not true. Often people want to know "How long does it take to add accessibility to a web application?" The answer to this question varies from application to application and from developer to developer. After a developer has learned to abide by the standards, then development of accessible sites will not take longer than developing sites that are not accessible. The exception to this rule is if your site contains audio and/or video. Providing alternative access methods to these mediums can be time-consuming, but we will touch on this topic later in this chapter. Most developers who have developed web applications that are accessible would agree: the time required ...

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