Chapter 9. Establishing and Maintaining Testing Resources

SAP testing requires multiple resources for planning and executing test cases, reporting of test results, and the resolution of defects. Establishing, identifying, and scheduling all the necessary resources to complete the SAP testing effort depends on the size of the organization, scope of the test, type of test, and the regulations that govern how the organization performs its business processes.

Resources for an SAP test include:

  • Individuals to develop the test scenarios and resolve defects.

  • Individuals to develop automated test cases.

  • File cabinets or scanners for storing test results with handwritten signatures in regulated environments.

  • Establishment of the SAP instance needed to execute the test cases.

  • Test tools to develop, store, and execute automated test cases.

  • Software tools for managing requirements, configuration management, creating business process procedures (BPPs), developing flow process diagrams, and tracking SAP transports.

  • Machines where test cases will be executed.

  • A room (test lab) where test machines for executing the test cases are stored.

Identified resources may come from different parts of an organization. For instance, for a global SAP implementation rollout, individuals acting as super-users and executing test cases for the user acceptance test (UAT) may come from an international company plant, whereas for string testing the individuals needed to execute the test cases may originate from the configuration ...

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