7Developing Others and Managing Expectations

You cannot be a good mountaineer, however great your ability, unless you are cheerful and have the spirit of comradeship. Friends are as important as achievement. Teamwork is the one key to success and selfishness only makes a man small. No man, on a mountain or elsewhere, gets more out of anything than he puts into it.

—Tenzing Norgay (who along with Edmund Hillary was one of the first two individuals to successfully summit Mount Everest on May 29, 1953)

These words of wisdom describe the life of the 100X leader—a healthy spirit with a desire to help others and put the work into becoming this type of leader.

We have found that when you give yourself to help the right people you will experience a rich and rewarding life. To liberate is to free others and with that freedom usually comes the recognition and honor that fuels the 100X leader to do it again and again.

The Legacy of a 100X Life

The intentional life creates a legacy that is significant and memorable. Here is Steve’s vision for his life and his legacy:

I imagine I’m at the end of my life with only a few weeks left and it’s time to say my goodbyes. The question I often ask myself is how many people would take the time to travel in order to say goodbye in person. How many lives have I been able to influence to such a degree that they would do more than send an email or social media message? This to me is the true 100X leader test. When you multiply knowledge, skills, ...

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