Chapter 4. Decision Making

Everything you do in attempting to achieve and succeed is a waste of time until you decide.

Decision is the starting point of self-discipline. Decision is the starting point of success. Decision making is a source of enormous power.

Making good decisions quickly is a pillar of achievement.

The decision has to be made now. And then you don't make it again.

Learning to make rapid, effective decisions that you trust and rely on is a crucial, but often completely overlooked, factor in success and achievement.

Most people aren't where they want to be in life. You certainly may be, but you probably aren't, and that is okay. Either way, ultimately you are responsible for where you are. The decisions you made are your decisions.

Now, sometimes bad stuff happens that you aren't responsible for and it gets in your way and you feel like it locks you into a prison. You may feel trapped. You ended up that way because of the things that happened and because of the decisions you made along the way.

Here is a crucial and irritating fact: In most cases the bad stuff that happens in life is only as powerful as the lack of preparation that was made. Most bad stuff can be prevented or minimized with some foresight and preparation.

This is where people lack the ability to analyze their road to "now" and, without accurate analysis, they will believe that only the decisions they make from today forward will impact their future.

Not true.

The decisions you've made for years bring you to ...

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