Chapter 11

Intentional Imbalance

The 12 Week Year is powerful and life changing. Although the bulk of examples we use in this book address the application of the 12 Week Year for your business, it applies equally well in all areas of your life.

One challenge most of us face is balancing our time and energy—between work and family, community service and recreation, exercise and relaxation, personal passions and obligations. Too much time and effort spent in a single area can create burnout and a lack of fulfillment overall. You can start to feel as if one area of your life is draining your energy, stealing your joy, and subverting your real purpose in life. It’s no wonder so many people are seeking ways to regain balance in their lives.

“The challenge of work-life balance is without question, one of the most significant struggles faced by modern man.”
—Stephen Covey

If taken literally, the phrase life balance is something of a misnomer. It is natural to think that the goal of life balance is to spend equal time and energy in the various areas of your life, but in reality, that is not practical and it would not necessarily create the life you desire. Trying to spend equal time in each area is unproductive and often frustrating. Life balance is not about equal time in each area; life balance is more about intentional imbalance.

Life balance is achieved when you are purposeful about how and where you spend your time, energy, and effort. At different times in your life you will ...

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