Chapter 17

Take Back Control of Your Day

One of the barriers that our clients often cite when explaining what keeps them from achieving more of what they are capable of is a lack of time. The lack-of-time reason is so common that it seems very real, yet more often than not, it is a smokescreen that covers over the real barrier. In fact, what most often keeps you from being exceptional is not a lack of time, but the way you allocate the time that you have. I know that sounds like semantics, but it’s an important distinction.

Here is an encouraging story of how time blocking allowed Annette Batista to balance competing demands on her time and still excel at what was most important to her.

It has been almost two years since I first read the 12 Week Year. I devoured it and applied the principles not only in my home business but on a personal and professional level as well.

My 12 week goals were to be on pace each 12 weeks for the yearly award given to the top performers and to begin to homeschool my child. In order to do this I knew I needed a good plan.

I am an Outreach Counselor. In that role I educate clients about their medical benefits; I assist them in choosing a medical plan and doctor for themselves and/or their children as well as a dental plan and dentist for their children. To meet my goals, each month I have to complete 650 phone calls and conduct 100 home visits. I also have to do presentations at local agencies, attend health fairs and community meetings, and do a minimum ...

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