The 12 Week Year Field Guide

Book description

Update your thinking and avoid complacency with the 12 week year

Are you ready to change your life? This hands-on template for implementing advice from the game-changing book The 12 Week Year is a study guide that makes it easy for anyone to apply the 12 week year to their own lives. Instead of getting bogged down in annualized thinking that produces pitfalls and saps productivity, follow along with this guide to redefine your “year” to be just 12 weeks long. By doing so, you’ll avoid complacency, begin to focus on what matters most, create better clarity, and develop a sense of urgency so that “now” is always the right time to act.

Applicable to business growth, career goals, and life in general, the 12 week plan will help you improve in any—or every—area. By closing the “knowing-doing gap,” you’ll discover how to execute on what you already know and greatly expand the boundaries of your capabilities. Learn to:

  • Create your personal and business visions with step-by-step tips
  • Develop your own 12 week plan by applying what you know to what you do
  • Put over 10 years of field-tested content, exercises, and templates to work for you
  • Build a 12 week commitment and apply the system to your own life and business

Take back your life, improve your thinking, and advance your business or career by implementing real-world, hands-on methods in The 12 Week Year Study Guide.

Table of contents

  1. Preface
  2. Overview of the 12 Week YearTM
    1. The 12 Week Year
    2. The 12WY Principles
    3. The 12WY Disciplines
  3. Chapter 1. Becoming a Visionary
    1. Exercise #1: Have—Do—Be
    2. Exercise #2: Long-Term Vision
    3. Exercise #3A: Three-Year Personal Vision
    4. Exercise #3B: Three-Year Business Vision
    5. Exercise #4: 12-Month Vision (Optional)
  4. Chapter 2. Establishing Your Goals and Building Your Plan
    1. Starting with the End in Mind
    2. Writing Effective Goals
    3. 12 Week Plan Tactics
  5. Chapter 3. Making and Keeping 12 Week Commitments
    1. Benefits of Keeping Commitments
  6. Chapter 4. Installing Process Control
    1. Weekly Plan
    2. Weekly Accountability Meeting (WAM)
    3. Daily Huddles
    4. 12 Week Theme
    5. 12 Week Year Celebrations
  7. Chapter 5. Scorekeeping
    1. The Four Weekly Execution Scenarios
    2. Great Week after Great Week: The Weekly Execution Routine
  8. Chapter 6. Using Your Time Intentionally
    1. Constructive Belief #1: Your Time Is at Least as Valuable as the Time of Others
    2. Constructive Belief #2: You Can’t Get Everything Done
    3. Constructive Belief #3: Work on the High Priority, Money-Making, Results-Generating Activity First
    4. Constructive Belief #4: Breakthrough Requires Breakout from Your Old “Systems”
    5. Constructive Action: Create a Model Workweek and Implement It
  9. Chapter 7. 12 Week Year Review and Planning
    1. 12 Week Year Review and Planning
    2. Quality of Life
    3. Success Disciplines
    4. Breakthroughs
  10. Chapter 8. Confront the Truth (Optional Section)
    1. Confronting the Truth Example—12 Week Execution Data
    2. Confronting the Truth
  11. Chapter 9. 12 Week Year Game Plan
  12. Conclusion
  13. About the Authors
  14. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: The 12 Week Year Field Guide
  • Author(s): Brian P. Moran, Michael Lennington
  • Release date: September 2018
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119475248