CHAPTER 4 Installing Process Control

Process Control leverages a set of tools and events that will help you work your plan and stay with it for the duration of your 12 Week Year. These include a Weekly Plan, Weekly Accountability Meetings, Daily Huddles, 12 Week Themes, and Celebrations. Each of these elements of Process Control are based on research on change, and will help you to execute at your best and to overcome the obstacles you will encounter on the way.


At the beginning of each week, you will create a weekly plan that contains the actions (tactics) and commitments that are due this week from your 12 Week Plan.

The Weekly Plan is such a powerful tool because it simply and effectively translates the entire 12 Week Plan into more manageable and focused daily and weekly actions. It is the instrument that organizes and drives your week, becoming, in effect, your “game plan” for those seven days.

Your weekly plan is not a “to-do” list; rather, it reflects the critical strategic activity that needs to take place this week to achieve your 12 week goals. The sections of the weekly plan address the core elements that drive performance and life balance.

Each week, you will create a weekly plan derived from your 12 Week Plan (see Figure 4.1). At the end of this field guide we have included a copy of our paper-based system for you to use. The paper system contains a 12 Week Year Game Plan (your 12 week plan), and 13 individual weekly plans.

Figure 4.1 Your weekly ...

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