Chapter 1It Was Never about the Pen

60 Second Summary

Sales has changed.

Once upon a time, you walked into an office and knocked on a door and offered something to potential buyers. If they said they wanted what you had to offer, you negotiated a price. Once they paid, you moved on to the next office or knocked on the next door.

Sales is no longer transactional. It's now about relationships. You can't even get to the door upon which to knock without a relationship. You can't get into the office without a relationship.

If you want to sell now, you must start by selling yourself and selling your interest in helping the prospective client succeed.

What's in This Chapter for You?

This chapter will help change your thinking about sales and selling. You will begin to focus on relationships not transactions. When you do, you'll be in the minority: people leading a relationship‐based business today. This gives you an advantage.

Imagine that.

Your competitive advantage is the way you look at the world of business and the way you approach each person with whom you come into contact.

In 60 seconds, you'll open doors, deepen relationships, and make more money because you think differently.

The key concept you will discover in this chapter is called external orientation. That means focusing on meeting the needs of the other person before asking them to take action on your behalf. Understand them and seek to help them achieve a goal or relieve some pain before you sell to them.

This type ...

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