Chapter 4Get MAD, Get Clients, Get Money

60 Second Summary

This chapter will help you look at your ideal client in a way you never imagined. You will discover a method for fine‐tuning a message that will resonate with them and motivate them to act – meaning reach out to you for help. You'll also get a jump start on discovering how you can put this message in front of your ideal client over and over again, in a systematic way.

If you've ever had a bad sales meeting when you thought you and your prospective client were speaking a different language, this chapter will be of great value.

If you've ever left a client meeting and thought to yourself: “I wish I had 20 clients like that person,” this chapter will make your day.

If you value opportunities to connect with multiple prospects at one time, this chapter will change your business forever.

What's in This Chapter for You?

More clients just like your best client.

The key concept you will discover in this chapter is an interview called the Ideal Relationship Targeting 21 or IRT 21. This 21 question interview is to be conducted with your best clients and it will help you create a message that will resonate with them and target other prospective clients just like them, in large numbers.

When you know how to target prospective clients who are identical to your best client, you have leverage. This means your life as a business leader and sales professional is about to get much, much easier.

Match the Message to the Audience ...

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