Introduction: Who Is This Guy? Why Should I Read This Book?

Cold calling and pushing your way into an office or a living room creates an atmosphere of adversity and distrust you must overcome before you close the deal. With those tired tactics, you're swimming upstream, against a strong current, with a bag of rocks tied to your waist.

Sales has changed.

Legacy sales gimmicks destroy relationships right from the first minute.

This book offers you a turnkey system for building profitable, lifelong relationships. Whether you work with affluent consumers or sell to senior executives in FORTUNE 500 companies, this step‐by‐step guide will help you open doors, close deals, and make more money in a way that leverages your natural strengths. That's the magnificence of the 60 Second Sale system. You get to be yourself and build your business.

The relationships you develop using the system outlined in this book create the atmosphere that allows you to sell in 60 seconds.

When I take the stage to speak to an enthusiastic audience of business executives, or when I walk into a room to train 50 high‐achieving sales professionals, or when I enter a boardroom to meet with a CEO and the company's leadership team, two questions go through the mind of each person staring at me:

  • Who is this guy?
  • Why should I listen to him?

I've got 60 seconds to answer that question or I'm done.

My name is Dave Lorenzo, and the information I'm going to share with you is going to help you make more money and get ...

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