Chapter 4



REFLECT on the Attributes of the Non-Negotiable to Develop Your Soft Traits
LEARN from the Failing Up Chronicles and Create Your Hard Results
DISCOVER Opportunities Earned

Let us rather run the risk of wearing out than rusting out.

—Theodore Roosevelt


Reflecting on the Attributes of the Non-Negotiable: Two Fish Are Better Than One

I share this chapter with my paired leadership partner, Fishbowl President Mary Michelle Scott. As I mentioned in Chapter 2, everyone in leadership roles at Fishbowl works with a paired partner. People often ask us, “How do you make this work?” In most organizations there is only one leader. Is it easier to have one top dog at the top? Yes—for the leader. But it’s not about the leader; it’s about the welfare of our company and the well-being of our people. It’s better for an organization to maintain a balance at all levels within the organization. This chapter focuses on our hopes of inspiring and helping other leaders to better understand their roles within their organizations. Loyalty is the key Non-Negotiable that makes it all work.

A CEO or leader no longer needs to go it alone; in fact, I would recommend they don’t. Mary and I have each other’s backs in business—as do our other paired-partner Captains—and we both bring different ...

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