The Act of Leadership

Video description

As a leader, you might know exactly what you need to do, but might be less clear on how to do it. You might know you need to have that difficult conversation, but you're less sure about how to have it. You might know you need to hold your team accountable, but don't know how to do it in a manner that builds authentic engagement rather than mere compliance. The Act of Leadership goes beyond the theory. It is a coaching playbook designed to empower you to be the leader you want to be, and the leader your people need you to be.

In this book, Dan Haesler combines his years of experience as an educator and now coach to corporate leaders, elite athletes, and teams and educators, to reveal the pivotal insights and enlightening case studies that will help you to define what kind of leader you want to be and understand how to get the best out of yourself and the people around you. You will also discover the importance of thinking and acting mindfully, instead of on autopilot, using the mindfulness techniques used by world champions to lead in the moment, sharpen your intent, and increase your impact.

With each chapter serving as a one-on-one coaching session, The Act of Leadership will help you create new habits and new ways of being in your day-to-day leadership, as well as life away from work, that are actionable, immediately.

Product information

  • Title: The Act of Leadership
  • Author(s): Dan Haesler, Dan Haesler
  • Release date: February 2022
  • Publisher(s): Ascent Audio
  • ISBN: 9781663715234